Get More Traffic

More Traffic : More Sales

One of the most important things a website needs is traffic. 

It needs to be found and enjoyed by your customers. 
Of course a smooth customer experience is also important. Interestingly enough, Google and other search engines favour websites which have a good customer experience. This is a good reason to go with our system. 

Designing a logical address system helps. ( have a look in the search bar of this web site, its easy enough to understand what you are looking at, and possibly to even remember the address )

Speed. As spoken in a previous article. Speed leads to traffic. And conversions. If any customer is held up too much in their task of buying from your website, then off they go. We have dealt with this part of the equation very diligently. This speed will result in bonus ranking from Google and other gateways to your web site. Higher rankings result in more traffic. 

If you want to get behind the scenes a bit, then adding keywords and descriptions to tags in the code will help get traffic. This is straight forward with our system, we are happy to help you with this, to get you up and running with it. 
Keywords can also be added to the text of the content, and behind the images to increase search engine rankings, and therefore traffic. 

Writing blog articles will increase the visibility of your web site. 

We suggest adding google analytics to your web site ( we are most happy to help you with that ) This means you can easily see the difference any work you do towards SEO ( search engine optimisation ) will have on your result. 

In bound links help greatly with SEO. We are happy to discuss methods of doing this with you. 

United Web Development wants your business to do well. We will work with you and discuss ideas to attract as much traffic as possible.