Great value, very affordable websites.

We have a very cost effective plan, a small set up fee and hosting fees monthly - the cost of a couple of cups of coffee!. This plan will give you a unique web site. Eccomerce is an option if you would like to sell your own products, or even to sell affiliate products.

For an even more bespoke solution...we will discuss your requirements and discuss a great deal for you.  It could be a small customisation or some new features you couldn't find anywhere else. 

Easy To Use Content Management System

Our admin section is intuitive. Snappy. Easy to use. While still creating a responsive website.

Many solutions focus primarily on looks and cost, and don't consider the website owner's user experience. 

Our content management system will keep your admin job a pleasant and simple experience, so you can focus on creating great content.

Fast Performing Websites

Our website builder produces fast websites.

The speed meter image shown, is a typical result for one of our websites.

Speed means attention, which means more business success. It also means higher rankings.

Many people build websites with open source software, and dont consider the fact that this solution does not perform smoothly or quickly. Our system does. 

Fast Admin. Make your edits as fast as you can!

Fast Website. Many web users have short attention spans. Make sure your message gets to them!

Mobile Friendly

Google says that search traffic from mobile devices now surpasses desktop searches. 

For your business, this means that If your site is not currently mobile-friendly, with our help you will more than double the amount of traffic that can experience your web site.

Google places mobile friendly websites much higher than non-mobile friendly ones. This will make a considerable difference to your SEO ( the ability for your website to be found ).

Search Engine Friendly

Our system is created to be search engine friendly. This means it will be ranked favourably. 

To further increase its rankings, there are ways you can customise some settings behind the scenes. 

We can help you with that if you wish.


Your website will be unique, not a template that could be used by another business. 

We work with you to give your website the style of your business, or help you create one.

 Fonts, colours, images can all be custom and bespoke.


The system your website runs on will have new features added sometimes. 

We look after the changes in how technology and trends come and go. 

Your website stays constant, and you will get new capabilities over time. 

The hosting fee covers the work needed to keep things running smoothly and safely.

Safe Payment System

Our shop system uses Pay Pal - the biggest online payment system.

All payments are taken on PayPal's server, secure and guaranteed by PayPal to be safe and secure. 

New Zealand clients can use Paystation, with the same security and guarantees.